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Hello Gentlemen,


My name is Diana Rosses of Los Angeles. Graceful in my demeanor and I bring a wealth of sophistication and eroticism that is sure to impress. Effortlessly balancing natural beauty and class, I fancy myself as the perfect companion for any setting from social events to private playtime.


Please do not confuse my sophistication as snobbish as I am in no way an egotist. I do however, exude an air of humble confidence paired with a sweet gleeful personality that provides the perfect veil of discretion of my true profession. In short, I aim to make you feel like a King amongst acquaintances and passers-by, and also make you feel majestic in private!


I am well educated and enjoy a healthy lifestyle catered to nourishing my mind and body. I Love relaxing excursions as much as I love the tranquility of Spa weekends and luxurious dining. Whether it's submerging myself in a good book or my routine Pilates classes, I practice serenity in all facets and that pours over into our relaxing time together.

Thanks for visiting and I hope to meet you soon!



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